August 6th 2017

I stumbled across this recording that hasn’t ever been posted before, so I’ve just put it on soundcloud. It’s a lovely track, really inspirational. The theme is dreams and philosophy.

February 2017

In this latest video I believe I have brought something new to my listeners. This is one of my favourite tracks, and was inspired by a bird that sat outside my window one day. Interestingly, this is the first of my videos to incorporate dance with the music, and will not be the last, as it works so well. They make an excellent fusion. And I will be working in the future with dancers for a live event, watch this space!


January 2017

With a very productive start to the new year, with new projects and opportunities underway I wanted to begin with a new track. This piece, called May Child, had been rattling round for a few months but never really finalised. Yet after some inspiration and motivation I finished it off and made a music video to compliment it. A double whammy! It’s now available on practically every music service there is (e.g. iTunes, Amazon, Soundcloud, Spotify, Google play et al). Here’s to a great year ahead for everyone. Thanks for your support!





December 2016

A blast from the past – two years ago I released this EP with a band I was playing with called Split Persons. This is my favourite song, The World Will Forget, which I wrote after coming though a particularly rough Christmas a few years ago where I had a horrible flu, and had to drag myself back to the family home. Although the song has no reference to any of those facts, it shows a massive disappointment in the world.

(Click on the artwork below for the whole EP)


December 2016

I’m really pleased to announce that I have a new and lively orchestral piece all written, published with an orchestra to perform it. Rehearsals begin in the new year, getting ready for a spring time performance in April. It’s been a great couple of months getting all of this ready. It has been written to be interpreted with dance, and details of that are to be confirmed. I am now writing another one for the summer concert, on the 8th July.

The facebook event for this concert on the 8th April, in folkestone is HERE (or just click on the poster below)


September 2016

After an 8 day tour with the Paris/Bristol based Fantasy Orchestra, playing violin and singing. Here is one track that was filmed, The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever”.



A new short film by called “No vote”. This was put together after an afternoon walking through a wilderness area in Kent. I wrote the words whilst sat down for lunch, and felt inspired to record my voice peaking the words. And then further, the idea to make a short video to accompany it on location, where the words were written.

The poem can be found here. The music was taken from a piece called Nothing To Doubt


A new short film called “Somewhere to go”. Music and words by Paul Terry.

Featuring the mellifluous tones of Laura Kimpton. The theme to this film is nature, just as the words and music are too.

Sit back and relax as it takes you on a journey.

The track can be streamed on Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify, and purchased on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


August 2015

A new short film called ‘Illusions’. This is the second film based on the theme of nature. This one is based around water.

Illusions can be streamed on Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify, and purchased on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

May 2015

A new release of a piano solo called Illusions part Four. This is available on Spotify and iTunes



To herald in a new year, a new short film called ‘Summer’s Reflection‘. This is the first film based on the theme of nature, and this one starts with the majesty and wonder of the sun.

The full track (called “New Reflections”) can be streamed on Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify, and purchased on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.


 A DOUBLE single release! Two songs featuring soprano Laura Kimpton Both tracks mastered by Pete Maher (also known for his work with Goldfrapp, Depeche mode, Damien Rice, and others) Artwork by British painter Rachel Madeline Pereira Have a listen HERE   – Available on iTunes here: itunes - Paul Terry

Double single release

October 2014

A full piano and  string orchestra composition called ” New Reflections” Lasting for an hour and written to take the listener on a journey of peace and harmony  – Available on iTunes here: itunes - Paul Terry

September 2014

Just added to iTunes ‘By My Window She Sings‘ For Piano, Horn section and Solo violin.

This track was inspired by a bird that was sitting on a window in another room whilst I was playing the piano. I was working on a chord sequence and the bird was imitating the rhythms I was playing! I just kept on going and recorded it (although the bird song wasn’t captured on the recording). And when I finished to go and see what the bird looked like, it flew away!

Also available on iTunes here: itunes - Paul Terry

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