By Nicolle Klinge

Paul believes we are all here to evolve, and music is a fantastic way
of tapping into our potential. Music can be used as a tool for
healing and raising our consciousness to a higher level, which is
something the ancient Greeks confirmed with Apollo, their God of
medicine and music. The music he creates is for listening with the
heart; bypassing the intellect.  Paul enjoys passing on his knowledge
about music through music tutoring. It is important to
him to make sure the body, mind and spirit are all in balance.
A vegan diet has proven to work well for him, in addition to the
practice of meditation and chi gung. Paul is passionate about
performance as much as composition, and also tries to travel
as much as he can. One of his musical heroes is Nigel Kennedy
who has helped bring down the social barriers of classical
music, which has sadly been claimed by social elitism
and snobbery for far too long.

Raised in rural Burnham, Buckinghamshire, in the heart
of the Home Counties, Paul relocated to Canterbury, Kent
at the beginning of the 21st century and studied composition
at Christ Church University in 2001 with Dr Paul Edlin
and Prof. Paul Patterson. There he discovered his voice,
drawing from modern composers such as Philip Glass,
Michael Nyman and John Tavener (The last two he met
whilst at Christ Church). His favourite instrument is the
piano, after the guitar, which he studied under Lord Gawain
Douglas and Dr Kim Burwell. He also started to learn to play
the violin recently (to improve string writing skills)
under the direction of Dr Stellios Chatziiosifidis. And is still
keeping his piano skills active under the tutelage of composer
and performer Dr Sam Bailey.

It was from there, after a short spell in London, that he returned to Kent to form
the paul terry ensemble. In this experimental group were musicians from diverse
backgrounds to match the diversity of Paul’s influences, which includes rock,
electronica, experimental jazz, and of course, modern classical.

Since then, Paul has worked in and with the mediums of film, modern art, poetry and theatre.
(See collaborations) And recently written a piece for an orchestra in Canterbury, “The Dreamers of Dreams”, which was performed on the 8th April, 2017. Now he is preparing for a summer tour of festivals playing solo piano. See Events


Some musical highlights...

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