It’s always good to be in charge and to be in control, but I find that sharing ideas and collaboration is a fantastic way of creating.

There’s an old adage, “freedom can be found within boundaries”, and this is true. Being able to go in any direction sometimes is paralysing and can lead to a lack of flow of ideas. And this is why I like working with other people – it gives me direction, and I find it refreshing.



After joining Canterbury Music Makers Orchestra in 2016 I was invited to write a piece for them to play at the next concert.

The fruit of my efforts was called “The Dreamers of Dreams”, after the poem by Arthur O’Shaughnessy.

It was performed on the 8th of April 2017 in Folkestone



Commissioned by massage therapist Sarah Ellmore to compose and produce 60 minutes of non-stop music for massage clients to relax to. As you will hear, it is very soothing, and calming.

Opposite is the full-length version for piano, horns, strings and antique cymbals, called New Reflections

The full work is available HERE on iTunes

Completed October 2014

Collaboration for the play Definable Ether by playwright and screenwriter Nichola Rivers

Performed as part of Canterbury Fringe Festival on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of October 2014

Incidental music based on a Tudor theme by Paul Terry



In 2013/14 I collaborated with Danny Hewis and Bryan Gamelgaard-Baker and formed the project called ‘SPLIT PERSONS’

And in February 2014 we produced this EP Unwelcome Friend

The video of their single is a result of working with film-maker Robert Martin Kelly

The EP is available on iTunes and Spotify

And also on soundcloud:



In 2012 I joined a folk-rock band called Fate The Juggler. They were an originals band, in which I played electric guitar, keyboard, mandolin and backing vocals.

The song opposite, Time in Colour, is one of the tracks I recorded with them in a studio.

Another can be found HERE

In 2009 I formed the Paul Terry Ensemble and gathered and recruited musician friends from college and in the area to start something new and exciting.

We used a new form of scores, which included tables of notes and musical phrases that the player could choose from.

There were a few players that came and went over the years, but for the recording opposite the players were:

Piano & Organ ~ Paul Terry
Flute ~ Heledd Francis
Guitar ~ Dom Levermore
Bass ~ Jeremy MacLeod
Saxophone ~ Ross Evans
Drums ~ Uli Muhe
Additional Keyboard ~ Clive Grover



An honourable mention must be made to this recording too:



In 2006 I collaborated with Brazilian Animation Film maker Marcelo Ortiz. The result was a fantastic imagining of a painting by Pablo Picasso of the same name, Guernica.

The film also includes realisations of paintings by Van Gough, Monet, Dahli and Escher

Click HERE for the recording by itself


Working with artist Susan Haire, I composed a four movement ensemble piece called ‘Fear of Change’. It was performed twice in 2005 as part of the Sea Change exhibition at the Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury.

The movements were named: Escape, Pointless Anger, Surrender and Release

Fear of Change was written for string quartet, 3 flutes, accordion and percussion (including, Vibraphone and Glockenspiel)

There was no recording of the music unfortunately, but the tryptic created by Susan Haire is shown opposite

Web reference HERE

Susan Haire
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