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Hello, and a warm welcome to my piano tuition page.

I’ve made some startling discoveries over the years that have not only helped me to get my students to get to higher standards quickly, but also to improve myself as a musician!

And now I offer something not just better than the competition; I offer the ultimate teaching support package

Starting with the following:

    Focus on personal goals for the individual. Because everyone has different tastes in music, and also different commitment levels.
    Email support for any music related questions. Because it’s only between the lessons that students REALLY learn for themselves, and sometimes questions need to be urgently answered days before the next lesson!
    Lessons available in the daytime or evenings. Shift work flexibility is no problem. Fewer people these days have the normal ‘9-5’ routine, and I realise that I need to be able to fit around irregular schedules!
    Personally selected pieces for students to play. If you are going to spend weeks learning a new piece you will need to be motivated. What more motivation than to have the goal of playing a piece you like! Whether it’s Beethoven, Ludovico Einaudi, The Beatles, Michael Nyman, Coldplay, Kate Bush, Chopin, Adele or even Ed Sheeran, a lot can be learnt from playing most written music.
   Continual appraisals. So you know how you are progressing and what to focus on in between lessons



Don’t forget that learning to play any instrument is a journey. It’s not about the destination. Any experienced musician will tell you that. It’s not like climbing a mountain that is a struggle until you reach the top – it’s more like an exciting trip around the world, where you are enjoying the sights, meeting new people, learning new cultures, new worlds. It’s about enjoying the journey and knowing that you’ve achieved something that you set out to achieve!!

I encorporate up-to-date teaching methods that focus on eliminating bad habits (if you have been playing already), speeding up your progress, making practising (the time you spend by yourself working out pieces/songs) easier and enabling you to excel as a musician!

Some of the techniques are outlined below, even though they may seem counter-intuitive (what you wouldn’t have guessed to be right) they are based on a knowledge-based system that stems back to the teachings of J.S. Bach (c.1685-1750), and have been adopted by many of the great pianists in history. These techniques include:

  • Learning to play a piano piece hands separately first, getting up to speed then playing hands together
  • Memorising a piece whilst you are learning it – a trick Mozart perfected!
  • Learning to play a piece at top speed before learning to play it slowly

Along with this, I teach music theory (understanding time signatures, key signatures, etc) which helps with memorising and understanding the music you are playing. It is another factor that speeds up the process of becoming a better musician. When students learn music theory it gives them a stronger ground work, which enables faster growth and the ability to play all types of music.

I also offer GCSE and ‘A’ Level tutoring on music theory for those that need a bit of brushing up before an important exam.

I stress an importance on making music from lesson one: Even if it is just a couple of notes, an exercise or a scale – it must be musical. This is because this is one of the most important outcomes of playing an instrument. Would you agree? Every time a superior musician plays their instrument they make music, it is as natural as talking. To develop this talent we must always be making music, at least attempting to, from day one!

Am I qualified. I have a degree in music with honours. The letters after my name read: BMus(hons). Also I teach at a local school three days a week, and therefore am fully cleared with an enhanced DBS check.

For an hour’s lesson I charge £30; and for half an hour’s lesson it’s only £15

To take me up on this offer, have any questions or require a call back, please contact me below:

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