Q: Is being a good musician something that you are born with?

No, we are all capable of making music. A good technique creates ability. Musicality is what makes people exceptional musicians, this is what people are said to be born with. But that doesn’t matter, you might have that or you might not. With good technique you can still get to a high standard and have a lot of fun on the way too!

Q: What do you mean by ‘technique’? You use this word a lot

Technique is a broad term that basically means doing every thing the correct way. It is a skill. For example using the weight of your arm to play notes, or knowing how to play difficult pieces easily by breaking them down into smaller parts, tackling it bit by bit. Essentially good technique is the most efficient (with time and effort) way of playing an instrument and it separates the ‘rough’ from the ‘smooth’ musicians. Technique is something that you have to be taught as it is counter-intuitive! But with it you can achieve your goals many many times quicker!

Q: Am I too old to start playing?

There are better ages than others to start learning. Yet it’s more about where you are mentally, as that’s where the music is coming from. You will need to develop physical stamina to be able to practice and play for extended periods of time. Yet remember: it’s about how you think! I would say that anyone at any age (as long as they are in control of their limbs) can make music at a piano. The ability to learn new things along with a keen determination is a key factor in learning to play the piano.



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