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Paul is a skilled and very enthusiastic teacher and musician. Luckily for me he’s very patient and is always able to find new ways of moving me forward past tricky spots. Rigorous in his approach and kind in implementation – much appreciated


You are a GENIUS, Paul!!! Keep that flow going… I know that many more great things are going to come out of your beautiful and amazing heart/soul…


I must be one of Paul’s most distant students as I travel from Northern France for my lessons and do so only because the results entirely justify the effort. Paul is a gifted teacher under whose guidance I have been able to build a repertoire far more extensive than I have ever acheived in the past. In particular, in addition to practical tuition, Paul’s instruction in Theory and the harmonic interpretation and analysis of  music has been invaluable in both learning and memorising new pieces. I can thoroughly recommend Paul to all, at whatever level, from beginner to advanced.


Listening to Paul’s music is always a pleasure for the senses, his tracks take you to undreamed worlds, they awake your deepest feelings and make you conscious of your own existence


Paul has a fresh, flexible approach and delivers lessons in a unique and interesting way. He has encouraged me to improve my technique with challenging and varied pieces, which have helped me develop from a complete beginner to an intermediate pianist within a short period of time


I have listened to Paul’s piece New Reflections quite a few times. Each time I have been transported to a different realm. It evokes a deeper sense of being. There is no point where a lull exists, you love from one note to note along with the music. It feels like you could just float away. By the end, I was left pushing the repeat button. Intense, haunting, elegant and unmissable


Paul is a very talented musician with great music knowledge. He is also very calm and clear, which I value from a teacher. With a structured approach and passion for teaching I found sessions with paul enjoyable and valuable


Paul is different to any other music teacher I have had in the past. When I first decided to email Paul I was really unsure as to whether he would be like the other tutors I have had in the past however he was very different. Paul has an extremely unique way of adjusting his teaching style to best suite your teaching needs and always seems to pitch himself at the correct level. He also has a truly unique style of teaching and has been so far the only teacher to be successful in helping me to actually understand what reading music is about!!!

Outside of the teaching Paul is very outgoing, friendly and patient whilst being a real driving force giving motivation and encouragement in all the right places! Strongly recommended at any level.

Paul’s music takes me to the peaceful stillness of the deeper human emotions


[Paul’s] music and [his] whole journey inspires me to no end. Nicky

I find learning to play the piano with paul is an absolute pleasure, and I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn


 “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything!”


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